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Generate with AI a complete audio podcast in 10 seconds. In any language without time limit. You don't need to record it.

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AI Audio Podcast Generation

Powered by the world's best AI technology. To produce the best result. 10 seconds to generate a podcast, that's fast!

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Manage speed, tone, gender and language of the voice for a very high quality rendering. You will find your happiness.

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You want to produce a 15-sec podcast or a 6-hour podcast. With Thunder Audio, you can (without extra effort).

Produce high-quality audio, interview, podcast
— without to record it.

For makers who are busy running their business. It's the perfect tool to start podcasting with AI.

Boost your content strategy with audio

Combine different type of content. One Major SEO win for your content is to combine text, image video and audio. The future of content is cross-platform and cross-media. Bet today on this, to get a head start.

Bring a real experience to the people who consume your content

Work Once, Produce Twice. You just have to generate your text with Thundercontent, write you content or import from you website. Then, 1-click later: you got a full podcast.

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Cheaper than a microphone.

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