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The Best ChatGPT Alternative.
Built to meet content creator's needs.


Knowledge on any topic and niche

Thunder Chat has learned from billions of articles, forums, video transcripts, and content published on the internet


Include real-time data, connnected to Google

Write factual content including real-time topics. Meanwhile, the knowledge of ChatGPT ends in 2021.

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Prompt scenario to save time

Use pre-saved prompt scenario to save time to generate your next content.

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140+ languages available

Chat in your native language Thunder Chat will understand you and respond in your language.

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Original & unique content

Create useful, applicable, and unique content generated quickly with artificial intelligence.

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Work into document

Edit and generate answer in a simple text editor. Polish your content before you publish


Team collaboration

Collaborate easily with your whole team in one place. Let your team members contribute to create awesome content.


Integrate with other tools

Use Thunder Chat in the Thundercontent suite. Use other AI content generation tools, such as: AI Writer, Ai Voice...

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professionals & teams use Thundercontent.

Great content AI

I really like what Thundercontent generates. I've tried a few of AIs and some of them generate lots of content, but often out of topic, or with phrases which have really no meaning. Especially for technical content.

Tuesday by Armonie

Generating content is suddenly a hell of a lot simpler

Always dubious about these type of products, but once you get the hang of Thundercontent creating copy is really simple. all the AI content needs is tweaking here and there to make it sound authentically you, but writers block is a thing of the past. Thanks - a great weapon to have as business!

Thursday by AJ

You must have it

After doing some research of the many "AI to write" options, I chose Thundercontent. After trying it, I realized that I made the right decision. Its design and user interface make it easy and efficient for me to achieve my goals.

Thursday by Arif

Really worth the investment for blogs

I've been "playing" with Thundercontent for a couple weeks now and it's a blast. We are in an ultra-niche market and having an AI providing relevant content for our blog posts (long form) is either super pricey or not so relevant for public view. When I first tried Thundercontent I have been impressed with the relevance of the content produced and the easiness of the UI that doesn't require any learning curve. We have 4 different AI assistants for copywriting but Thundercontent has become our goto tool for anything blogging. I definitely recommend Thundercontent.

Friday by Christophe

Fantastic AI Writer

When I saw how good Thundercontent was, I immediately purchased the highest plan. I experimented with it at first just to see if it was any good, and the results were fantastic. Once again, a fantastic app and excellent customer service.

Monday by Marina

Excellent, quick and user friendly

I've written some characters and magic appeared quickly with a monitoring on the right panel. That's it, just to export in the right format: pdf, html5, txt... 1. buy it 2. activate it 3. type your text 4. let's magic appears. Thanks!

Wednesday by Pierre