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Convert text to human-like AI‑generated voices

Generate realistic Text to Speech (TTS) audio using Thundercontent AI Voice Generator. Instantly convert text to natural speech and download or embed it on your site.

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High-quality AI-generated audio give you the opportunity to increase user engagement.

Easiest way to generate high quality AI-generated audio to build immersive experiences for your audience. Instantly convert text in to natural-sounding speech and download as MP3 and WAV audio files.

Grow your audience.

Add AI generated audio to your articles with easy to embed audio player. No coding required!

Customizable Embedded Player

31 Speaking styles

140+ languages

250+ Natural AI voices

Easy embedded on all types of sites

Export in .mp4 or .wav

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Increase user engagement and attract a new type of customer

Listening is easier than reading. Offering your content in audio format can increase the time spent on your website and increase the number of people who consume your content.

In-depth engagement analytics

Analyse exactly how engaged your articles are with view rates, read rates and read times.

Work with your team

Directly collaborate with your team on projects on different workspaces.

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Some examples of what you can generate with your AI audio generator.

Each example takes 5 seconds to generate and import into this page. No skills required.

How Add Audio To Your Blog

Comment ajouter une version audio de votre article à votre blog

Como adicionar áudio ao seu blog

140+ Languages
250+ Voices
31+ Speaking styles

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Our happy clients say about us

Generating content is suddenly a hell of a lot simple.
“Always dubious about these type of products, but once you get the hang of Thundercontent creating copy is really simple. all the AI content needs is tweaking here and there to make it sound authentically you, but writers block is a thing of the past. Thanks - a great weapon to have as business!”


✓ Verified Customer

Thundercontent has produced some fantastic material.
“I'm looking forward to having this kind of technology ever since. I'm a big fan of Thundercontent's output. A couple of AIs I've tried have generated a lot of information, but it's often irrelevant or utterly meaningless. With regard to more specialized information. Thank you very much for this. It makes my life easier.”

Kara Lambert

✓ Verified Customer

Really worth the investment for blogs
“I've been "playing" with Thundercontent for a couple weeks now and it's a blast. We are in an ultra-niche market and having an AI provide relevant content for our blog posts (long form) is either super helpful. When I first tried Thundercontent I have been impressed with the relevance of the content produced and the easiness of the UI that doesn't require any learning curve. We have 4 different AI assistants for copywriting but Thundercontent has become our goto tool for anything blogging.”


✓ Verified Customer

Answers to a few good questions.

Is it easy to generate content?
Absolutely. Thundercontent is user-friendly and makes it possible to generate a professional copy, blog post, audio podcast video weither your are a beginnner or a expert in content marketing.
What is 'credits'?
One credit corresponds to one character sent and one character received for the generation of your content. It also corresponds to one character used for instant translation. Buying a license now will give you more credit than future offers (extra credit is offered for those who take the license now).
Can I try it for free?
I don't know, but the flag is a big plus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Quas cupiditate laboriosam fugiat.
Why should I take Thundercontent, rather than a freelance or agency?
To save money and time. Look at the price of a freelancer or agency and compare with our rates. Finally, compare the quality delivered. Now, get a Thundercontent license.
In what languages is Thundercontent available?
Yes, Thundercontent is available in more than 108 languages including: French, English (British and American), German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Chinese and 80+ others.
Is it original, unique and non duplicate content?
Our AI is trained on trillions parametres, 10% of internet and millions of book to produce creative and unique content. You can send your content on any plagiarism checker without stress.
Can I get a refund?
Yes. If you have bought your license and Thundercontent does not suit you, we will refund you (you have seven days from the date of purchase to ask us).
Can we ask for new features?
Of course, and we encourage you to do so. We developed Thundercontent for our customers, so please take a license, try the product and then give us your feedback. We will develop the features you need.
Do you have any other question?
No problem! Send me an email. I'll be glad to answer your questions!
It's time to grow your content production with AI.

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