Discover on what we work to produce the best AI writer assistant tool.

We believe that users who are listened to will be happier. But also, we believe that showing what we are working on will give you visibility on the future of Thundercontent. That's why we invite all our users to vote and suggest the next features.

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Add Google Connect

Add Google Sign-In/Sign-Up to access the dashboard

Undo and redo button

Possibility to undo/redo an action or generation.

Add 100 available languages for text generation

Go from 25 available languages to over 100+ languages to generate your next content.

Delete Workspace

You can currently create new Workspaces but you cannot delete it. We will have to allow you to do this.

In Progress Template generator

You will be able to create your own generator templates in create the text content you want. Moreover, new templates will be added to the catalog.

In Progress Video generation

We are currently developing a solution which will allow to create and make videos.

Image generator

We are currently creating a proof of concept to generate images from text, stay tune for more info!


Stay up to date with all of the latest additions and improvements we've made to Thundercontent.

December 2021

You can now invite people to work and collaborate on your workspace. You can create as many workspaces as you want, or join them.

November 2021

New pricing system
We had to develop this for what is coming next... ;)

October 2021

Audio generation
In the article section, users can now generate audio. And handle more than 140 voices. Of course, you can pitch and the speed of the voice.

September 2021

Calculate savings with Thundercontent vs. a writer
Depending on the number of words generated, we can calculate the amount saved per user. This saved amount will be displayed on the user's dashboard.
The text displayed will be :
You save $XXX.XX
Your assistant generated XX,XXX characters, it saved you $XXX.XX! Based on the average price of a freelance writer (~ยข2 / character).

August 2021

Search bar in your dashboard
Search, find and open your articles faster directly from your dashboard.

July 2021

โœจ New product announcement: Thunder Audio
Generate Podcast With AI. The future of content is cross-platform and will be driven by AI. Generate a full audio podcast in 1-click using AI.

โ†’ Join The Waitlist Now
Paragraphe generator (long-form generation)
You can now generate paragraphs on any topic just by typing a concept, a word, a sentence. An ideal feature for long-form writing.

June 2021

New pricing
We have added new offers and prices. It's now easier to understand and you can choose the offer that best suits your business.
Publish a blog
To speak about the news of Thundercontent, writing tips & content generation with AI.

May 2021

Affiliate program
Earn Big! ๐Ÿ’ฐ Manage your referral program membership and perform various referral program-related tasks (like check earnings or change your referral link).
New website
We add a lot of pages to guide and help you. Like page: Pricing, Help Center, Demo, Features, FAQ, 404...
Meta tags manager
Use our HTML Meta Tags Generator if you need to generate meta: title, description, keywords...
Our Blog is LIVE
News about writing tips & AI content generation. Visit the blog >>
Images in your article
Add images (crop, resize, add a legend) in your articles. you can also add URLs.
Unlimited Credits
For the month of May, we are allowing all Pro members to have unlimited credits.

April 2021

Possibility to delete an article
You can delete an article from your list.
โœจ Brand New Dashboard
Discover the brand new dashboard of Thundercontent. We have improved the user experience to the maximum to write your content even faster.
Add the Changelog page
Keep track of the latest Thundercontent features and also allow users to vote for their favourite feature.
2000 companies joined Thundercontent
Here are some figures about our users: CEO 37%, Student 24%, Marketing 13%, Copywriter 12%, Developer 5%, Blogger 1%, Other (PO, VC, HR, Designer) 8%
Buy the first place of
Amixem a famous French YouTube made a video on this site and bought the first place, we stole it ๐Ÿ™ƒ

March 2021

๐ŸŒˆ Add blog post outline generation
You can generate the outlines of your blog post.
๐ŸŒฑ Add blog post introduction generation
From the title of your post you can generate infinite introductions to start your blog post.
๐Ÿ’ก Add blog post idea generation
From keywords you can generate infinite blog post ideas with you AI-assistant writer.
๐Ÿ˜ป Launch on Product Hunt
Here's the recap 24 after the launch on PH โ†’
New demo video
Video explaining step by step how to write an article with your AI-assistant writer (in the language of your choice and the topic of your choice) [WATCH THE DEMO]

February 2021

Possibility to try Thundercontent for free
ยท 5000 credits are offered to each new subscriber to try the AI writer assistant, export tool, text editor and article management.

ยท Added a popup at the end of the test so that users can use the tool 100%
ยท Change prices
Add 10 examples articles (1000 words each)
Write with Thundercontent in the 12 languages to show the power of the tool and the precision of the generation, they were exported in HTML to be integrated on the website directly because automatically they respect the web semantic.
VCs come to talk to us
BUT we bootstrap, we respond to our customer's expectations and we accelerate!
New homepage goes live
Based on user feedback, a new homepage is designed and integrated to better explain Thundercontent.
๐ŸŽ‰ Thundercontent is validated by OpenAI.
We have the authorization to publish our application to the general public.
New user onboarding
The addition of onboarding allows to know better our users to offer them better features in the future. The user can introduce himself, his company, and how he knew Thundercontent.
Possibility to rate the text generation
To know if the generated text is appreciated or not, and is coherent or not
Record a demo video
Publish online to show how Thundercontent works Watch the video

January 2021

Responsive (mobile and tablet)
Make the dashboard and text editor responsive
Add on the landing page more frequently asked questions
Collected after discussion with users
Add more than 12 languages to write articles
It is possible to write articles in the language of your choice: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Russian, Chinese and Japanese
Exportation tool
Users can now export their articles in .txt, .md, .pdf, .html
Possibility to manage the brain of the artificial intelligence
Creativity management (otherwise called randomness) and management of the length generate (in low or high).
Create an admin dashboard
to manage users (free and paid)
Add the FAQ
After collecting the most frequently asked questions.
Purchase of the domain name. is acquired
Creation of the website.
Publish the first landing page to test the interest of an article writing assistant.
Add content to the landing page
Received the first emails to join the waiting list of beta testers
The idea to create Thundercontent is there.
The adventure begins. We will create the best AI writer assistant tool.