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Hey, it's Paul, Founder of Thundercontent.

I'm building a new product for my current startup.

It’s named Thunder Audio.

Generate a full audio podcast in 1-click using AI.  

I present to you all the steps of reflection and creation here. #buildinpublic

Preview of Thunder Audio


Preview of Thunder Audio

Thunder Audio is powered by AI.

And it will use all the best current technologies of :
Google, Amazon, IBM, OpenAI (GPT-3), and Deepl.

As well as the code and techniques I will bring.


The future of content is cross-platform and will be driven by AI.  

The need for companies and people is here.

But not a lot of people already start to create a podcast or audio content in general.

 It will bring a new audience. (without much extra effort)

Here is a use case I think about : 

You just generate/write your blog post, article, product page and you get instantly an audio generate.  

So you can now work 1 time and get 2 results.  

Then you can post your audio on Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, Apple Podcast.

and also...

upload it on your own blog post page.  

Visitor can now listen to your blog post in the background and no longer have to read it.

Sites that already have articles written. They can convert them all and have a lot of podcasts to offer as additional content.

 Imagine when you start and you don’t want to spend to much money and time in that.

AI will save money and time for you.  

And now we're going to talk about something that will make you dream... the best context for SEO is not just text.

It is text, video AND audio.

By betting now on the different media... you'll get ahead of your competitors.


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